Why Abroad?

Almost every student is interested to study MBBS in India, but it is rare to get Admission because of huge number of students appearing in various Medical Exams and availability of seats is limited.

Almost 10 Lakh of students appear in various Medical Exams every year for only 62,000 – 64,000 seats. As such there is a huge gap between demand and supply. Even if a student get through the merit seats in some private colleges, it will involve a huge amount (60Lakh – 80Lakh)

Every student and their parents must understand the fact that dropping year after year just for a MBBS seat within India doesn’t reflect the true merit of the student. Whereas studying MBBS in abroad can be way easier and will not lead to valuable year loss of a student.

Seeing the problem at hand, “SEFL” which is a fully professional organization decided to bridge in the gap between the students aspiration and the possibilities that can be catered to. Now after having a 20 years of experience in the education field, it is providing “Target Based Information” to the Medical Aspirants in the following fields –

Country Selection

College Selection (As per the budget)

Visa Processing

Travel Assistance

Last year around 25 students got admission in various colleges abroad by receiving target based assistance from our “Most Efficient Counselors”.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh (Package: 22 30 Lakh)

• Bangladesh Medical College (U.D.)
• Jahurul Islam Medical College (U.D.)
• Dhaka National Medical College (U.D.)
• Medical College for Women and Hospital (U.D.)
• Kumudini Women’s Medical College (U.D.)
• Ibrahim Medical College (U.D.)
• East West Medical College (U.D.)
• Delta Medical College (U. Dhaka)
• Anwar Khan Modern Medical College (U.D.)
• Green Life Medical College (U.D.)
• Marks Medical College (U.D.)
• Popular Medical College (U.D.)
• Nightingale Medical College (U.D.)
• B.G.C Trust Medical College (U. Ctg.)
• North Bengal Medical College (U. Raj.)
• North East Medical College (SUST)
• Rangpur Community Medical College (U. Raj.)

Study MBBS in Nepal (Package: 44 – 60 Lakh)

• B.P Koirala (Dhan)
• Kathmandu Medical College (KU)
• Lumbini Medical College (KU)
• Nepal Medical College (KU)
• Institute of Medical Science (TU)
• Krist Medical College (TU)
• Manipal Institute of Medical Science (Pokran)
• Birat Medical College (KU)
• Devdaha Medical College (KU)
• Nobel Medical College (KU)
• Janki Medical College (TU)
• Chitwan Medical College (TU)

Study MBBS in China (Package: 16 – 25 Lakh)

• Kunming Medical University
• Guangzhou Medical University
• China Medical University
Yangzhou Medical University
• Wuhan Medical University
• Hubei Medical University
• Ningzia Medical University
• Xian Jiaotong Medical University
• Shenyang Medical University
• Jiangsu Medical University
• Guangxi Medical University
• Jilin Medical University
• Jiangsu Medical University
• South East Medical University
• Hunan Medical University
• Hainan Medical University
• Nanjing Medical University
• Fujian Medical University
• Qingdao Medical University
• Beihua Medical University

Study MBBS in Russia (Package: 12 – 30 Lakh)

• OMSK State Medical University
• Crimea Federal University
• I.M.S Moscow State Medical University
• Ryazan State Medical University
• Snolensk State Medical University
• Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical University

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan (Package: 14 – 20 Lakh)

• Asian Medical Institute (Kant City)
• Jalal – Abad State University (Jalal – Abad)
• Osh State University (Osh)
• Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
• International School of Medicine (Bishkek)

Study MBBS in Ukraine (Package: 16 – 22 Lakh)

• Kiev Medical University
• Kyiv Medical University
• Donetsk National Medical University
• Karazin Kharkiv National University
• Kharkiv International Medical University

Study MBBS In SOUTH AMERICA(Package:30-35 lakh)

• Lincoln American University
• Texila American University